The Very Best Wedesday Addams Tattoos

Wednesday Addams Tattoo Pony Lawson

Wednesday Addams is by the far the most popular family member of the Addams family, this is obvious in the amount times the character is tattooed vs other members of the Addams family. The Addams Family originated from a single panel comic in the New Yorker in 1938 created by Charles Addams, it has since … Read more

21 Superb Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoo Sandra Daukshta

Owl tattoos can be designed in countless ways, they are a very distinct looking bird so they can be done with minimal design and still be easily recognisable, a popular owl tattoo is of just the eyes, even without any other design added its still clearly the eyes of an owl. Owl Tattoo Meaning Wisdom … Read more

24 of the Best Tattoos of Hands

Hands Tattoo Oscar Akermo

A tattoo of a hand can seem like a simple design that doesn’t say much but hands are incredibly expressive, with signing entire languages are used with hand gestures to communicate with each other, different countries have different sign languages making the variety of ways to communicate through hands vast.While not many people know sign … Read more

25 of the Best Horse Tattoos

Horse Tattoo Katie Shocrylas

Horse Tattoo Symbolism and Meaning For many cultures, the horse is seen as a spiritual animal, in Mongolia horses are the focus of much of their folklore as well as many spiritual beliefs.A horses mane is believed to hold its spirit and strength, this is why a stallion’s mane is always left uncut as to … Read more

28 Enchanting Mushroom Tattoos

Mushroom Tattoo by David Peyote

Mushrooms really aren’t what they seem, many think of them as plants but there something much more than that, mushrooms are closer to animals than plants, some will even describe them as being alien-like.The main bit of a mushroom that we all recognize as mushrooms is actually just a small part of an extraordinarily complex … Read more

24 Majestic Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish Tattoo Valentina Vinsand

Jellyfish have been around a very long time, they were swimming in the ocean even before dinosaurs were here. They are one of the most seemingly alien creatures to us humans, a jellyfish has no heart, no eyes, no bones, and not even a brain making them so hard to relate to yet many find … Read more

21 Outstanding Plane Tattoos

Plane Tattoo Paweł Indulski

Since the invention of the plane and its first flight in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, and later passenger airlines, the world has become a smaller place with people being able to freely travel across oceans like something that would seem completely impossible throughout most of human history. Although many have gotten used to soaring … Read more

26 Eerily Creepy Tattoos

Creepy Tattoo Gioele Cassarino

A creepy tattoo is one that should cause the viewer to have a sense of unease and some artists are doing a perfect job of provoking that feeling. Getting a creepy tattoo doesn’t always go to plan because not every artist can design a creepy tattoo in the right way, even going to an artist … Read more

26 Out of this World Astronaut Tattoos

Astronaut Tattoo Zeal Tattoo

An astronaut is a figure who is looked up to by so many, most kids at some point in their lives have an obsession with space and to them astronauts are seen as their heroes, someone to look up to not just by children but people of all ages, astronauts embark on the biggest journies … Read more

23 Remarkable Mountain Tattoos

Mountains Tattoo Aga Kura

Mountains have been the main element and focus in countless paintings throughout the history of art, artists have been painting mountains from the old masters to Bob Ross and its no wonder why their presence in art is seen so often, simply seeing mountains in person can be an unforgettable experience. Many get a mountain … Read more