26 Out of this World Astronaut Tattoos

An astronaut is a figure who is looked up to by so many, most kids at some point in their lives have an obsession with space and to them astronauts are seen as their heroes, someone to look up to not just by children but people of all ages, astronauts embark on the biggest journies and travel further than anyone ever has.
Although so many have had dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, very few actually make it, only the very best of the best are successful, not only do astronauts have to be extremely fit and healthy they also need to have an in-depth understanding of many scientific fields for the research being conducted in space.

Astronaut tattoos have fairly recently become more popular and what may seem like a simple design subject, a person in a space suit, tattoo artists have made some truly unique astronaut tattoos that stand out from the crowd, with sometimes unexpected elements added in the design that work incredibly well together as well as astronaut tattoos that are more straightforward but because of the artists talent and design it results in an incredible astronaut tattoo piece.