26 Eerily Creepy Tattoos

A creepy tattoo is one that should cause the viewer to have a sense of unease and some artists are doing a perfect job of provoking that feeling.
Getting a creepy tattoo doesn’t always go to plan because not every artist can design a creepy tattoo in the right way, even going to an artist who is technically talented as well as a great designer doesn’t necessarily mean that will result in creepy. Finding the right artist for this type of tattoo is the key to getting a perfect creepy tattoo and now is the best time for it, as many are now specializing in dark tattoos that pull the right look for creepy.

One of the most famous creepy tattoos is work done by William Pacheco tattooed on Pewdiepie:

Creepy tattoos can be horrific but they doesn’t necessarily have to be, as some are designed in a subtle way where you might not even be able to put your finger on what makes it so creepy but it is still there.

Most creepy tattoos are done as black and grey work as this can add to the feeling of unease but some are done in full color and actually work really well with the dark themes behind the tattoo.