22 Realistic Embroidery Tattoos

Embroidery Tattoo c by Rogelio Vazquez

The possible choices of embroidered tattoo designs is endless, just like embroidery itself the subject can be anything imagined. The most popular embroidery tattoo designs are landscapes, 90s cartoon patches, floral patterns, and video game characters. Embroidery tattoos have recently been making the rounds online and while it may seem everyone is getting one it … Read more22 Realistic Embroidery Tattoos

Rabbit Tattoos

Rabbit Tattoo Daria Stahp

Rabbit Tattoo Meaning Rabbits in many cultures are a sign of good luck, this goes back as far as the Celts in 600bc where they believed rabbits were connected and could communicate with the underworld because of them living in burrows underground. In the African American folk spirituality culture, rabbits were thought to be lucky … Read moreRabbit Tattoos