Poison Bottle Tattoos

Poison Tattoo 2 by Adam White

Origin Poison bottle tattoos are very distinct, often labeled with a skull and crossbones and cork top, in a uniquely shaped bottle, this may seem like exaggerated imagery but this type of poison bottle is very true to the real bottles going back to the 19th century when it was important to distinguish the harmful … Read more

22 Realistic Embroidery Tattoos

Embroidery Tattoo c by Rogelio Vazquez

The possible choices of embroidered tattoo designs is endless, just like embroidery itself the subject can be anything imagined. The most popular embroidery tattoo designs are landscapes, 90s cartoon patches, floral patterns, and video game characters. Embroidery tattoos have recently been making the rounds online and while it may seem everyone is getting one it … Read more

The Very Best Scissors Tattoos

Scissor Tattoo f by Zipin Black

Masculine and Feminine Scissors Tattoos The amount of ways a pair of scissors can be designed is endless, two big types of scissors tattoo designs are masculine and feminine, the masculine scissor tattoo designs are typically very broad, have a bold outline, or done realistically, dark, black and grey and even the type of scissors … Read more

31 Mystical Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorn Tattoo 2 by Laura Anunnaki FI

Unicorn Tattoos Unicorns come in many shapes and sizes and can be designed in countless ways, while they are for the most part seen as a very feminine tattoo its certainly not exclusive to any gender, some of the best unicorn tattoo designs are on men and look great. There’s a huge spectrum of feminine … Read more

25 of the Best Gun Tattoos

Gun Tattoo by Davin Tattoo

Gun Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism The symbolism of gun tattoos can be completely opposite between two people, it all depends of what a gun represents to somone personally. Below is the the most common gun tattoo meaning and symolism. Protection– the imagery of any gun is perfect for representing and symbolizing protection, as this the … Read more

Rabbit Tattoos

Rabbit Tattoo Daria Stahp

Rabbit Tattoo Meaning Rabbits in many cultures are a sign of good luck, this goes back as far as the Celts in 600bc where they believed rabbits were connected and could communicate with the underworld because of them living in burrows underground. In the African American folk spirituality culture, rabbits were thought to be lucky … Read more

The Best Cactus Tattoos

Cactus Tattoo David Peyote

Cactus come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and even colors, many pick from the vast selection of types of cactus to base their cactus tattoo design off to suit their personality. The most popular type of cactus tattoo to get is a small one because the classic cactus shape is so familiar to … Read more

UV Tattoos – The Ultimate Guide

Heart UV Tattoo Kayla Newell

UV or black light tattoos are tattoos that when healed are invisible until viewed under a blacklight where they then glow to reveal the previously hidden design, this is either done in all UV ink making the whole tattoo invisible or the UV ink is incorporated into another design to bring elements of the tattoo … Read more

23 of the Cutest Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoo Phoebe Hunter

Now is the perfect time to get a cat tattoo and with tattoo artists like Betty Rose (who likely coined the term “Cattoo”) actually specializing in cat tattoos and doing them really well, it’s not hard to find an artist in your area who can do a quality cat tattoo. Cat Tattoo Meaning Cat tattoos … Read more

21 Superb Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoo Sandra Daukshta

Owl tattoos can be designed in countless ways, they are a very distinct looking bird so they can be done with minimal design and still be easily recognisable, a popular owl tattoo is of just the eyes, even without any other design added its still clearly the eyes of an owl. Owl Tattoo Meaning Wisdom … Read more