The Very Best Wedesday Addams Tattoos

Wednesday Addams Tattoo Pony Lawson

Wednesday Addams is by the far the most popular family member of the Addams family, this is obvious in the amount times the character is tattooed vs other members of the Addams family. The Addams Family originated from a single panel comic in the New Yorker in 1938 created by Charles Addams, it has since … Read more

Studio Ghibli Tattoos: The Ultimate Selection

Best Studio Ghibli Tattoo

Click on any Ghibli movie below for a full selection of tattoos. Spirited Away Tattoos Totoro Tattoos Princess Mononoke Tattoos Ponyo Tattoos Kikis Delivery Service Tattoos Howls Moving Castle Tattoos Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tattoos Studio Ghibli Mash Up Tattoos and Studio Ghibli Sleeve Tattoos Studio Ghibli is an animation studio known … Read more

The Very Best Rick and Morty Tattoos

Rick and Morty Tattoo David Peyote

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon Rick and Morty is a cartoon first released in 2013 that began as a short animated film in a short film festival co-founded by Dan Harmon and eventually picked up as a full series by cartoon networks adult swim, the show has since gone on to cult status … Read more

63 Amazing Pokémon Tattoos

Team Rocket Pokemon Tattoo Simon K Bell

The phenomenon of Pokémon all started with a GameBoy game and has since gone onto a tv series, toys, card games and just about every kind of form of media, and has become the most successful media franchise ever. The most popular Pokémon tattoo to get is a Pikachu tattoo, it’s instantly recognizable and a … Read more

45 of The Best Simpsons Tattoos

The Simpsons Tattoos cover

The longest running cartoon tv series ever and a favorite of countless people of all ages, the Simpsons is a show unlike any. One of, if not the most popular cartoon that gets tattooed is the Simpsons, being a big part of many peoples childhood and holding a place in the hearts and memories for … Read more

Best Adventure Time Tattoos

Adventure Time Tattoo 3 by Thom Bulman

Adventure Time is amongst the most popular cartoon series ever made with fans of all ages and has become a popular tattoo choice for those wanting to show their love of the show. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward often retweets Adventure Time tattoos and actually has a design in mind that he has recommended people to get … Read more

The Best Stranger Things Tattoos

Eleven Stranger Things Tattoo by Jeremy D

There have been some great Strangers Things tattoos since its release in 2016 and after season 2 the bar has risen for Stranger Things tattoos so we’ve collected the best work from dedicated fans. The most popular Stranger Things tattoo to get is Eleven and Christmas lights, with Dustin being another popular character to get tattooed. … Read more