Body Tattoos

Finding the right places for body tattoos is often the hardest decision to make, especially when you only are wanting a few tattoos. One of the best ways to get ideas for what style tattoos and what location you are wanting is by looking at images of already tattooed people as examples. We have made your search a little easier by providing detailed ideas and details of the best body tattoos, covering full body tattoos to your little pinky tattoos.

Click an image of the body tattoo to see a full list of the best tattoos and ideas.

Back TattoosBack Tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Sleeve Tattoos
Black and Grey Tattoo Sleeve - Vladimir Drozdov

Head TattoosLettering Head Tattoo by Zombie Joe

Finger TattoosFeather, Snake, Dagger and Rope Finger Tattoos by Doctor Woo

Half Sleeve TattoosHalf Sleeve Tattoo by Nick AlvarezChest TattoosChest Piece Tattoo by Matt Curzon

Leg TattoosLeg Tattoos


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