21 Outstanding Plane Tattoos

Since the invention of the plane and its first flight in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, and later passenger airlines, the world has become a smaller place with people being able to freely travel across oceans like something that would seem completely impossible throughout most of human history.
Although many have gotten used to soaring over 30,000 feet in the air, going from city to city or country to country, crossing timezones and the possibility of being in one familiar culture in the morning and arriving in a completely foreign culture later that night, many are still in awe of this amazing ability we have and some show their fascination in the form of a plane tattoo.

The biggest symbolism attached to the imagery of planes is travel, many get a plane tattoo to symbolize their love of travel or even as a reminder of a life goal to travel and see the world, these are typially represented by passenger jet airliners, even seeing just the silluette of one is instantly recognizeable to everyone.

Some get a plane tattoo to symbolize sudden change, usually when this is the intended meaning then the plane itself is only one element of a multi-feature tattoo design.