24 Majestic Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish have been around a very long time, they were swimming in the ocean even before dinosaurs were here. They are one of the most seemingly alien creatures to us humans, a jellyfish has no heart, no eyes, no bones, and not even a brain making them so hard to relate to yet many find characteristics and traits of jellyfish that they can relate to and use this relation as symbolism in jellyfish tattoos.

Jellyfish tattoos often are done in a large scale area on the body, making it clearer to see their complex anatomy and beaty in their details. Small jellyfish tattoos are also very popular and because of the shape and way the jellyfish moves it can be a versitile design made to fit any area of the body and flow with it.

Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

Intutuion is a big part of the symbolism used in jellyfish tattoos from a jellfish not using a heart or brain to survive, many use jellyfish as a symbol of either being one to trust their intuition or wanting to.

Another way the jellyfish is used as symbolism is to mean beauty as many view jellyfish as the most beautiful creatures in the ocean, their unique aesthetics of being translucent and luminescent along with the colors to some make them very appealing and mesmerizing.