25 of the Best Horse Tattoos

Horse Tattoo Symbolism and Meaning

For many cultures, the horse is seen as a spiritual animal, in Mongolia horses are the focus of much of their folklore as well as many spiritual beliefs.
A horses mane is believed to hold its spirit and strength, this is why a stallion’s mane is always left uncut as to protect and honor its spirit and strength.

In Native American culture the horse was also seen as a very spititial animal as well as a sign of wealth and power, it was thought that which ever tribe had the most horses would be the most prosperas.

Horses have been used as a symbol of freedom for many years, it was the horse that gave people so much freedom, they gave us the ability to travel long stretches of land, when people started using horse to travel they were no longer restricted to only traveling where their legs could take them, without them we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have today, they were an essential part of spreading civilization.

There are countless ways to design a horse tattoo, many use the intended symbolism and meaning to be the focus and main design elements in a horse tattoo.