160 Original Small Tattoo Designs

Small Tattoo Design Flash

80 new small tattoo designs including 40 designs for men and 40 for women. While most small tattoo designs can be interchangeable between men and women and are all based on personal preference or what best suits you, the ascetics of these small tattoo designs are more popular amongst either men or women. Click here … Read more

Original Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf Tattoo Flash

4 Free Wolf Tattoo Designs Including neo traditional and geometric wolf tattoo designs.      Wolf Tattoos  Wolf tattoos designs make striking designs which will never go out of style. Appealing to both men and women, wolf tattoos come in a variety of designs, either as stand-alone tattoos or as part of larger tattoos. The ideal … Read more

9 Free Dove Tattoo Designs

Dove Tattoo Designs

We’ve created 9 free dove tattoo designs including line work, these can be used to get tattooed, temporarily tattooed or just used for ideas. These dove tattoo designs can represent peace, love, freedom, hope, faith, romance or whatever a dove symbolizes to you personally. Doves are a popular symbol, used in many different groups and religions … Read more

80 Free Small Tattoo Designs

80 Small Tattoo ideas

If you’re looking for some small tattoo designs or small tattoo ideas then have a look at tattoo insiders own free designs, we’ve created 80 free small tattoo designs in high resolution. 40 small tattoo ideas for women and another 40 small tattoo ideas for men, although these designs aren’t restricted to any gender they … Read more

9 Free Forest Tattoo Designs

Forest Tattoo Designs

  We’ve created 9 original high resolution free tattoo designs with a forest and geometry theme. These are the first designs for tattoo insider so be sure to check back for more free tattoo designs and flash.  

Chicano Tattoos

Chicano Tattoo Designs

Chicano Tattoos and 3 Free Chicano Tattoo Designs  Chicano tattoos with their iconic fine line black and grey, realistic look and rich history in the imagery  are among the best tattoos out there. They can represent many different elements from family, neighborhood, culture, emotions and memories. Characteristics of the chicano tattoos are black and grey … Read more