Pineapple Tattoos and the Surprising History Behind Them.

History and Symbolism It is hard to imagine today, but there was a time when pineapples were so scarce and expensive in Europe that one pineapple would cost the equivalent of several thousand dollars in today’s money.  In the 17th century it was common to rent a pineapple which would be used as a centre … Read morePineapple Tattoos and the Surprising History Behind Them.

Aries Tattoos

Are you born under Aries and looking for inspired Aries tattoos? You may have already seen some Aries tattoos with out realizing it. The most popular Aries tattoos are symbols representing the ram. Women tend to get Aries tattoos as a ram symbol with thin bold lines which almost look like the letter ‘Y’. Men are more … Read moreAries Tattoos