Aries Tattoos

Are you born under Aries and looking for inspired Aries tattoos? You may have already seen some Aries tattoos with out realizing it. The most popular Aries tattoos are symbols representing the ram. Women tend to get Aries tattoos as a ram symbol with thin bold lines which almost look like the letter ‘Y’. Men are more daring with their Aries tattoos and go for the bigger is better look, depicting detail and actual ram portraits. Aries tattoos are easily tattooed any on the body, but are more commonly tattooed on the wrist, behind the ear, neck back and arms.

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Aries Tattoos for Women

There are plenty of Aries tattoo ideas for women you can select from. You can tattoo the Aries ram sign or tattoo the word itself ‘Aries’, or incorporate the ram sign into another design. Try get the ram sign as bold as you can representing the power of Aries. Finding the right place for your tattoo comes down to personal preference but the most popular places are the wrist and neck.

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Aries Tattoos For Men

For men Aries tattoos mean big, really bold and detailed rams. The popular Y shaped ram for women is slightly more styled into a curved loop ‘V’ for men. Common places for men’s Aries tattoos are the back, the arms and chest.


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