Poseidon Tattoos

Poseidon, god of the sea, horses and earthquakes Poseidon was part of “the big three” Greek Gods, along with his brothers Hades and Zeus. In Greek mythology when the big three divided the world, Zeus took for himself the sky, Hades the underworld and Poseidon the sea.
Poseidon was responsible for the creation of Pegasus, Madusa and Minotaur.

The Roman version of Poseidon is Neptune, which is why the largest moon on the planet Neptune is named after the gods son Triton.

Poseidon is depicted as a heavy built strong man with a long white or blue wavy beard, dressed in robes, he holds the powerful Trident. He may be wearing a crown or headband (or no headwear). However, the appearance of Poseidon as a “merman” with a fishlike tale is incorrect and is due to confusion between Poseidon and his son Triton.

Symbols associated with Poseidon include the bull, dolphin, fish, horse and the Trident. A Poseidon tattoo can represent many things including great power, strength, a connection with water and the sea, and a love of marine life.

Poseidon tattoo by Samuraii Standoff
Samuraii Standoff Samurai Tattoo Santa Isabel Viamão Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo Youngjin Jung
Youngjin Jung Blackdoo Tattoo Itaewon, Seoul, Korea Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Julio Forero
Julio Forero Indeleble Tattoo Medellín, Colombia Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Fernando Ribeiro
Fernando Ribeiro Bravo Barber Club Gramado RS Brazil Facebook Instagram

Poseidon Taattoo by Mr.Konejo
Alexander (Mr.Konejo) LA Instagram

Ole Kröger color Poseidon tattoo
Ole Kröger The Black Mess Hamburg, Germany Facebook Tumblr Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Facundo Sevillano
Facundo Sevillano R’lyeh Tattoo Studio La Plata, Argentina Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Stoyan Siderov
Stoyan Siderov Avant Garde Tattoo Trondheim, Norway Facebook Instagram

Poseidon Tattoo by Bomi Lee
Bomi Lee Badass Tattoo Seoul, South Korea Instagram

Poseidon Tattoo by Kordian Korsakowski
Kordian Korsakowski Caffeine Tattoo Warsaw Poland Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo Aaron King
Aaron King Life Family Tattoo, Sevenoaks, and Moth & Flame, Bromley, UK Tumblr Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Nato
Nato Skinks Tattoo Studio Hamilton NZ Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Npro
Npro Npro Tattoo Seoul, South Korea Facebook Instagram

Poseidon by Andrea Brusadin
Andrea Brusadin CYMK Art Tattoo Shop PORCIA, ITALY Facebook Instagram

Danny Truong Poseidon Tattoo
Danny Truong Lighthouse Tattoo Sydney, Australia Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Brad Doul
Brad Doul Electric Expressions Tattoo Margate QLD Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo by Fredd Cheetham
Fredd Cheetham 1001 Troubles Tattoo Acoma Pueblo Facebook Twitter Instagram

Poseidon back Tattoo, black and grey by Gavin Dunbar
Gavin Dunbar Body Art Tattoo Southborough Kent Facebook Instagram

Poseidon Tattoo by Angus Wood
Angus Wood LDF Tattoo Sydney, Australia Facebook Instagram

Poseidon tattoo on forearm by Chris Beardsley
Chris Beardsley 15th Street Tattoo Edmond, OK Instagram

Poseidon and marine life tattoo sleeve by Justin Hartman
Justin Hartman The Grand Reaper, San Diego, CA  Instagram Shop