Carpe Diem Tattoos

Carpe Diem Tattoos are a common Latin saying usually translated to “seize the day”. The saying is an extract from the poem Odes in 23 BC, written by the poet Horace. Carpe Diem tattoos are chosen for the meaning it holds and generally most people do not realize the full phrase reads “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow”. The ode poem fore tells that the future is unforeseen and you should not put everything in the future and rather put it into today. So do not trust that everything is going to fall into place and do something for the future today. People generally get carpe diem tattoos in a script style font but the choices and designs are a personal preference.

carpe-diem-tattoo-forearm  carpe-diem-tattoo-feathercarpe-diem-tattoo-hips  carpe-diem-tattoo-sailor

Carpe Diem Designs

Carpe diem can be included into designs or incorporated into a sleeve or body piece. By adding carpe diem into a design you can focus on the phrase by designing around it. Carpe diem tattoos can include the phrase over scrolls, Japanese clouds, water, light shading and over and above existing tattoos. Really popular option for guys and men’s carpe diem tattoos.

carpe-diem-tattoo-guy'  carpe-diem-tattoo-timeglass

Carpe Diem Tattoo Lettering

Lettering styles and fonts can give you the desired look and feel you may be after. Script with a light weight can give a very elegant feel to your carpe diem tattoo. Heavy weight or bold style lettering can give a tattoo more of a masculine feel, often men get the old school style font with half and half shading.

carpe-diem-tattoo-hip  carpe-diem-tattoo-ribs  carpe-diem-tattoo-chestcarpe-diem-tattoo-foot  carpe-diem-tattoo-feet