Dagger Tattoos

The Dagger is an iconic image in tattoos;  the traditional dagger tattoo design of more than 100 years  has retained its popularity and is still being tattooed around the world today.

A dagger tattoo alone can represent many things from death to survival, honour to betrayal, love to hate and so much more. There’s a lot associated with the dagger and when you add your own element (usually the thing the dagger goes through) then there is no limit to what story you can tell with this classic design.

The dagger tattoo design comes in many different styles and can be customized to suit anyone.

Dagger tattoo by Derick Montez
Derick Montez Idle Hand Tattoo San Francisco, CA Tumblr Instagram

Tiger and Dagger Tattoo by Agus Tan
Agus Tan King Kong Tattoo SINGAPORE Facebook Instagram

Dagger Tattoos by Mike DiCicco
Mike DiCicco Louder Than Bombs Tattoo, Philadelphia PA Instagram

Victor Kludge tiger tattoo
Victor Kludge Le Sphinx Tattoo Paris Facebook Instagram

Victor Kludge dagger tattoo
Victor Kludge Le Sphinx Tattoo Paris Facebook Instagram

Dagger and rose tattoo by Alexandra Garcia
Alexandra Garcia Flying Daggers Tattoo Parlor Pomona, CA Instagram

Dagger Tattoo by Monika Darling
Monika Schatz Speakeasy Tattoo Toronto, ON Instagram

Small dagger tattoo by Alexander Pilerci
Alexander Pilerci Non Solo Tattoo Studio Caserta, Italy Instagram

Dagger tattoo by Greg Risner
Greg Risner Vivid ink Holt, MI Instagram

Dagger Tattoo by Tomtom
Tomtom Black dot Tattoo Glasgow, Scotland Facebook Instagram

Dagger Tattoo by Ant Walsh
Ant Walsh Grim Tattoo Penndel, PA Instagram

Dagger Tattoo by Paul Terry
Paul Terry Bold Street Tattoo Warrington, England Instagram

butterfly and dagger tattoo by Lara Hallon
Lara Hallon Spain Facebook Instagram

dagger tattoo by Michael Vasquez
Michael Vasquez Sacred Daggers VIRGINIA BEACH, VA Facebook Instagram

dagger in rose tattoo by Michael Kemp
Michael Kemp The End Times Electric Tattoo Co. Springfield, MO Facebook Instagram

Dagger and rose tattoo by Matt Curzon
Matt Curzon Empire Melbourne, Australia Website Facebook Instagram

Dagger tattoo by Jason James Smith
Jason James Smith Moth & Flame Tattoo Kent/South East London Band Facebook Instagram

dagger and eye tattoo by Mattia Manigas
Mattia Manigas Vespink Tattoo Studio, Carbonia CI, Italy Facebook Instagram