63 Amazing Pokémon Tattoos

The phenomenon of Pokémon all started with a GameBoy game and has since gone onto a tv series, toys, card games and just about every kind of form of media, and has become the most successful media franchise ever.

The most popular Pokémon tattoo to get is a Pikachu tattoo, it’s instantly recognizable and a favorite character of many. For most Pokémon fans having a Pikachu by your side everywhere you go won’t be anywhere close to a regrettable tattoo design choice.
With the huge popularity of Pokémon it’s no wonder there’s so much outstanding pokemon tattoos being done, different concepts and incorportating personal design touches to these designs is what makes many stand out in popculture tattoos.

151 Pokemon Tattoos Cover

For some choosing just one Pokémon tattoo is impossible and opt for multiple Pokémon tattoos usually in the form of a semi sleeve or banner, one person needing to catch em all went so far as to get all original 151 Pokémon tattooed on his back