The Very Best Scissors Tattoos

Masculine and Feminine Scissors Tattoos

The amount of ways a pair of scissors can be designed is endless, two big types of scissors tattoo designs are masculine and feminine, the masculine scissor tattoo designs are typically very broad, have a bold outline, or done realistically, dark, black and grey and even the type of scissors is masculine, a simple, big, sturdy pair.

While the feminine designs are usually done with either more intricacy, having floral and filigree designs decorated on the handles or going the opposite direction and being very simple or minimalistic. while not always done in color, when color is added it is typically vibrant bright colors, another common element added to these designs are jewels, gems, and pearls added where the pair meet.

Scissors Tattoo Designs

Below are Victorian scissors, these types of scissors are a perfect design for tattoos for someone wanting something more than a simple tattoo, these can be customized in countless ways.

Types of Scissors Tattoos

Scissors Tattoo Meaning

Scissors as symbolism have been used to represent many things, some of the most common are:
A symbol of cutting ties with someone or something in your life that has brought you down.

Scissors for some can represent danger, as in the danger of running with scissors, people often get scissors to remind them at times to be cautious.

A common reason people get a scissors tattoo is to represent a tool of their trade, most often a hairdresser or barber.

The Best Scissors Tattoos