Wolf Tattoo Designs

Designs incorporating a wolf into the tattoo can determine how the wolf is conveyed. A wolf tattoo design can be very symbolic and have different meaning, both good and bad. The wolf is often seen as a terrifying and ferocious animal but not all designs are portrayed this way. Wolf tattoos can portray the wolf with a high level of strength and loyalty. The wolf can also be very social, friendly and work in a pack but is often viewed as a lone wolf. The wolf was a great predator and hunted in packs so communication using touch, movements, vocal and eye contact were a must. When designing your wolf tattoo remember the wolves traits and strengths and incorporate them into your unique design.

Common traits of a wolf:

  • Loyal
  • Cunning
  • Generous
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Compassionate
  • Communicative

wolf-tattoo-designs-arm  wolf-tattoo-designs-leg

Wolf Designs for Men

Men’s wolf designs are predominately wolf portraits depicted in both real life and old American style tattoos. The wolf designs use the same shades of color mostly black and white and monochromatic colors but also inject color into the design for real impact.  Lone wolf, strength, intelligence, loyal, hunter are just the basic symbolic meanings behind men’s wolf tattoo designs. Getting a wolf tattoo in the right body area can add so much more impact and substance to the meaning your wolf design is trying to convey. Our below images show how tattoo placement can bring the wolf out of your tattoo design.

wolf-tattoo-designs-chest  wolf-tattoo-designs-forearmwolf-tattoo-designs-japanese  wolf-tattoo-designs-neckwolf-tattoo-designs-paw  wolf-tattoo-designs-ribs wolf-tattoo-designs-sleeve  wolf-tattoo-designs-sleevecolorwolf-tattoo-designs-toparm  wolf-tattoo-designs-wolf-fox

Wolf Tattoo Designs for Women

A wolf is less comparable in nature to women as apposed to men but there are women that find wolf tattoos appealing. Wolf tattoo designs in women are based on pictures, symbols and portraits. Women tend to use color as well as black white in wolf tattoos to brighten and add life to their design. Wolf tattoo symbols are simple, bold, and colored in black and white. When designing a wolf tattoo try different things to make your wolf design unique like adding a backslash behind the wolf, add patterns and color or try henna style. Wolves can really be misunderstood so adding a unique design to a wolf portrait can go along way.

Although some of the bottom images are foxes and not wolf designs, the placements are excellent and would easily substitute a wolf if needed.

wolf-tattoo-designs-thigh  wolf-tattoo-designs-backwolf-tattoo-designs-vector  wolf-tattoo-designs-women-back  wolf-tattoo-designs-wristwolf-tattoo-designs-leg-girl