The Best Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Anatomically Correct Heart Tattoos

Anatomically correct heart tattoos can be done in a vast variety of designs and sizes, from large scale, full detailed pieces to the smallest minimalist designs, similar to the big differences of hearts in life from the largest heart that belongs to the blue whale at 5ft tall and the smallest heart found of the the fairy fly at a tiny 0.00787402 inches (0.2 mm)

For people wanting something a bit more accurate or even just different from the usual simple heart tattoo design, an anatomically correct heart tattoo can have a different meaning to the simplistic version or even add deeper meaning to what it is that’s intended to be conveyed.

There are countless ways to design an anatomically correct heart tattoo, the style, color, and added elements are dependent on either the meaning, symbolism or personal preferences of the wearer.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo Meaning

The heart as a symbol has been used throughout history for many different reasons and has taken on a wide variety of meanings, the most common being the symbol of love, this meaning alone can have many different ways of being represented, usually signifying a romance but can also mean the love of a family member or friend, there is also the symbolism of heartbreak or heartache.

Many people use the hearts symbolism to represent a loved one that has passed away as a memorial tattoo.

Another is the heart symbolising courage.