Stunning Fox Tattoos

Popular Fox Tattoo Designs

The most popular style of fox tattoo to get done is neo-traditional, there is just something about the foxes features, color, and characteristics that make them so well suited to be designed in the neo-traditional form.
The next most popular type of fox tattoo to get is a small and simple one, typically done in black and grey, they can look great with minimal design.
Another common design is a geometric fox tattoo, although the design is not an easy one to produce when done by the right artist with experience in geometric shapes can lead to an impressive fox tattoo.

Fox Tattoo Meaning

Independence, while most foxes belong to small family packs there are some that are very solitary, even while hunting these foxes will go at it alone.

As foxes are known for being tactical and clever, a fox tattoo can mean taking a different approach to life.

There are some that use the fox for a more negative meaning in their design, in these the fox usually represents someone in the life that has been dishonest.