33 Top Dog Tattoos

For thousands of years, dogs have been man’s best friend, working and living by our side, dogs have been an essential part of our history and progress.

With more than 300 breeds of dogs, over 73 million living in the US alone, and tattoos being more popular today than ever its easy to see why there is an enormous variety of dog tattoos around and the ideas and different approaches being done in the dog tattoo designs by some of the best artists in the tattoo industry has resulted in many of the most original and well-tattooed dog pieces ever.

Dog Tattoo Meaning

One of the very best methods of protection is a guard dog, throughout history dogs have provided humans with protection against harm, making a dog tattoo a great symbol for protection.

As dogs are mans best friend this can always work as the same meaning in a dog tattoo to symbolize friendship or relationship with a loved one.

Dogs are well known for their loyalty towards their owners, unlike other pets, a dogs loyalty is in their nature, this can translate to symbolism within a dog tattoo.

Just as guide dogs in life can help direct people where they need to go, a dog tattoo can represent guidance.

Memorial Dog Tattoos 

Dog Memorial tattoos are the most common memorial tattoo as losing a dog can be one of, if not the hardest thing someone has to deal with, having a loved one that was by their side with unconditional love be gone can take a lifetime to grieve over. Many people going through this loss will get a memorial dog tattoo to commemorate their best friend, having a picture of your dog to carry on your skin wherever you go can bring comfort to many.
There is no right way to design a memorial dog tattoo, each is different and personal to the wearer.