Best Ace Tattoos and 5 Free Ace Tattoo Designs

An ace originally referred to the single dot on dice, this being the lowest roll you can get and it meant bad luck. Today an ace is associated with playing cards and is typically the highest card in a deck and so it has come to mean good luck.

The ace of spades, also known as the death card, is not only the highest card but also the most prominent and decorated card in Anglo-American packs of cards. The design is normally the card company’s logo, a tradition which began in eighteenth century England when English printing houses were required to display their insignia on the ace of spades to prove payment of taxes.

An ace tattoo can have a variety of meanings. It can represent good luck, playing cards, gambling, a love of poker, or even mastery of something. Whatever it is you have mastered (aced), you can symbolize your mastery with an ace tattoo.

Scroll down for 5 free ace tattoo designs.

Ace Tattoo by John Snyder
John Snyder Atomic Tattoo Columbus Georgia Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Alberto Estepa
Alberto Estepa Rebel Tattoo Barcelona, Spain Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Eris Qesari
Eris Qesari Venture Tattoo Studio Oak Park, IL Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Sim Abbott
Sim Abbott Cosmic Tattoo Essex, UK Tumblr Facebook Instagram Etsy

Ace Tattoo by Tamara Santibañez
Tamara Santibañez Saved Tattoo Brooklyn, NY Instagram Website

Ace High Tattoo by Chris Erickson
Chris Erickson
World Tattoo Studio Denver, Colorado Instagram Website

Ace Tattoo by Jean Le Roux
Jean Le Roux Black Garden Tattoo, London Shop Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Nary Huval
Nary Huval Perception Fine Body Art Dallas, Tx Instagram Shop

Ace Tattoo by Fredrik
Fredrik LePapa Tattoo Sweden Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Tattoos by Caz
Ace Tattoo by TattoosbyCaz
Tattoos by Caz ElectricTattoo, Bradley Beach NJ Instagram Website

Ace Tattoo by Julio Alcazar
Julio Alcazar La Cosa Nostra Tattoo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Travis James Reiff
Travis James Reiff Victorian Tattoo Waikiki Hawaii Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Richard Zayas Jr
Richard Zayas Jr. Inked Republic, NY Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro Braga, Portugal Facebook Instagram

Rahul Bhardwaj Devil'z Tattooz Delhi, India Instagram
Rahul Bhardwaj Devil’z Tattooz Delhi, India Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Natasha Palombi
Natasha Palombi Berserk Tattoo Heidelberg Heights, Victoria, AU Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Anthony Castriotta
Anthony Castriotta
The Body Gallery Leesburg V.A. Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Steven Wrigley
Steven Wrigley Irezumi Tattoo Glasgow, Scotland Instagram

Ace Tattoo by Chrystal (miztat2)
Chrystal (Miztat2) Instagram

Ace Tattoo Designs

We have created 5 free ace tattoo designs including aces from all four suits plus an extra ace of spades tattoo design to represent the death card.

Ace Tattoo DesignsAce of Spades Skull Tattoo Design Ace of Clubs Tattoo Design Ace of Diamonds Tattoo Design