22 of the Best House Tattoos

Just as there are countless ways to design a house, there are also countless ways to design a house tattoo, from small and simple to big, complex detailed house tattoos, each with different characteristics that typically reflect the wearer or the meaning they are trying to convey.
It can be as simple as 5 lines and will still be instantly recognizable or be as complicated and bold as a full back piece, no matter how its done house tattoo can hold strong meanings and still look great.

House Tattoo Meaning

The biggest meaning behind a house tattoo is the symbolism of home, many get it to represent where they came from and some for where they are going in the future.
A house tattoo can symbolize the dream of owning their own house one day and the tattoo can be a reminder of their goal.
For some having a house to call home may have never been a part of their life or simply considered their home to be they rest their head at night and a house tattoo can serve as a replacement for that by having a house with you at all times
A house tattoo design can hold many meanings, all dependant on the wearer and what a house symbolizes to them.