Hammer Tattoo

The hammer dates back millions of years and was one of our first tools, over the years it has gone from a very simple tool to a variety of advanced hammers.

The symbolism of a hammer has been used in many different ways, in the former soviet union the hammer symbolised the working class, in the middle ages the hammer was a well known symbol for black smiths that would use a hammer to forge metals and a hammer and pick represents mining.

A hammer tattoo can represent hard work, strength, endurance, masculinity, creation and new starts.

Hammer tattoos often done as a memorial tattoo to represent a lost father or loved one who had ties to building or fixing things.

Hammer Tattoo by Samantha Mancino
Samantha Mancino Ink Ink Tattoo Los Angeles, CA Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Tilly Dee
Tilly Dee Feline Lucky Tattoo Graceville Australia Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Inaki Aires
Inaki Aires Instagram

Hammer Tattoo byBelles et Buth
Belles et Buth L’Encrerie Paris, France Instagram

Spoon and Hammer Tattoo by Saschi McCormack
Saschi McCormack Black Lines Matter Tattoo Frankenthal Germany Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Nick Moran
Nick Moran Riverside Tattoo Knoxville, TN Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Elia Turchetto
Elia Turchetto Black Diamond Tattoo Venice, Italy Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Isaac Bushkin
Isaac Bushkin Sovereign Tattoo Private Studio Portland OR Instagram

Scorpion and Hammer Tattoo by David Bruehl
David Bruehl REDLETTER1 Tampa, FL Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Engineer Ferris
Engineer Ferris Saint Petersburg Russia Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Oliver White
Oliver White Tenacious Tattoo, Sheffield, UK Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Fulvio Vaccarone
Fulvio Vaccarone Dark ink Tattoo Studio Garlasco PV, Italy Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Kevin Fleming
Kevin Fleming Chapter X Tattoo OC|CA Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Harrison Wellwood
Harrison Wellwood Spiderweb Tattoo Asheville NC Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Tattoo Lenny
Tattoo Lenny Exile Tattoo Olympia, WA Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Niccolò Piovan
Niccolò Piovan Darkink Tattoo Studio Garlasco PV, Italy Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Adrian de Largue
Adrian de Largue Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos London UK Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Andreas Engblom
Andreas Engblom Huckleberry Tattoo Stockholm Sweden Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Nuria Córdoba
Nuria Córdoba Tonga Tattoo Leganés Madrid Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Dierman Stone
Dierman Stone Private Studio Mexico D.,F Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Wade Johnston
Wade Johnston Vic Market Tattoo North Melbourne, Australia Instagram

Thors Hammer (Mjölnir)

From norse mythology, Thors hammer had the power of lighting and was a very well known symbol In the Viking age, Thors hammer was carved into headstones and worn as pendents, Thors hammer could be seen in many places in the Viking age and still is today.

A Thors hammer tattoo can represent strength, power, rebellion and authority.

Thors Hammer Tattoo by Paulinho
Paulinho Miabara Tattoo Instagram

Hammer Tattoo by Vostok Tattoo
Vostok Tattoo Studio Ivan East, Moscow Russia Instagram

Thors Hammer Tattoo by Patricia Campos
Patricia Campos Kunsten på kroppen, Copenhagen Denmark Instagram

Stick & Poke Thors Hammer Tattoo by Patricia Campos
Patricia Campos Kunsten på kroppen, Copenhagen Denmark Instagram

Thors Hammer Tattoo by Fillipe Baeza
Fillipe Baeza Brasil Instagram