21 Timeless Hourglass Tattoos

An hourglass as a symbol is an old one and something that we all can recognize even in its most simplest form, as something seen by millions every day on their computer screens as a loading icon, it has become to some a symbol of frustration at waiting for something to load but the imagery of an hourglass to represent time goes back much further than that, it goes back to the middle ages and the design has not changed much since.

Hourglass Tattoo Meaning

An hourglass’ most obvious and apparent meaning is the symbolism of waiting and being patient, many get an hourglass tattoo to remind themselves to be patient.

It can hold the meaning of the past, future or present, some get an hourglass tattoo to symbolize a wanting of time to stand still as the hourglass’ sand will never fall and can be seen as being able to hold a moment in time forever.

Of course for some the sand in the hourglass represents the days of our lives.