The Very Best Lucky Tattoos

A lucky tattoo can be anything that might bring luck to its wearer. In this list we’re focusing on lucky charms from different cultures and origins, some of which go back thousands of years. These include horseshoes, four leaf clovers, rabbits’ feet, wishbones, maneki-nekos (fortune cats), numbers (13 and 7), and lucky draw tattoos. Any of these good luck symbols would make great lucky tattoos and potentially bring you luck and good fortune wherever you go.

The ace card can also be a good lucky tattoo, for ace tattoos click here.

starting off the list with..

Lucky Rabbits Foot Tattoo

You don’t need to carry a dismembered limb around in your pocket to improve your luck; instead with a rabbit’s foot tattoo you can carry good luck with you wherever you go. they look good and make a great lucky tattoo.

Rabbit Foot Lucky Tattoo by Nhia Yang
Nhia Yang Goodkind Tattoo Chicago, IL Instagram

Rabbits Foot Lucky Tattoo Alex Rowntree
Alex Rowntree Northern Glory Tattoo Newcastle, UK Instagram

Rabbit Foot Lucky Tattoo by Max Councill
Max Councill Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Colorado Springs Instagram

 Lucky Horseshoe Tattoos

Any horseshoe tattoo can be a symbol of good luck but to make it an even more lucky tattoo then be sure to have the horseshoe with 7 holes, as most horseshoes do.

Horsehoe Lucky Tattoo by Stef Neale
Stef Neale Grey Harbour Tattoo Toronto Canada Instagram

skull rose and horseshoe lucky tattoo by Nary Huval
Nary Huval Perception Fine Body Art Dallas, TX Instagram

Horseshoe and Magnolia Lucky Tattoo by Justin Ryan Olivier

Justin Ryan Olivier Downtown Tattoo. New Orleans, Louisiana Instagram

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Tattoos

The chances of finding a four leaf clover is 1 in 10,000, whether you’ve found one or not a four leaf clover makes a good lucky tattoo.

Four Leaf Clover Lucky Tattoo by Alice Bea Guerin
Alice Bea Guerin
Knot Eye Studio Indianapolis IN Instagram

Four Leaf Clover Lucky Tattoo Georgia Grey
Georgia Grey Bang Bang Tattoo NYC Instagram

Four Leaf Clover Lucky Tattoo by Jean Alvarez
Jean Alvarez Miami Tattoo, Miami FL Instagram

Horseshoe and clover Lucky Tattoo
Crystal Tattooer, Hongdae Tattoo Seoul, Korea Instagram

Wishbone Tattoo

An unbroken wishbone is a symbol of good luck and many people carry a small wishbone as a good luck charm. It’s also a potential wish until broken.
A wishbone lucky tattoo looks great whether small and simple or big and bold.

Wishbone Lucky Tattoo by Cedric X Weber
Cedric X Weber Greyhound Tattoo Essen Germany Instagram
Wishbone Lucky Tattoo Gabby Colledge
Gabby Colledge Demzines Tattoo Studio London Instagram

Lucky Wishbone Tattoo by Jeremy T. Kantor
Jeremy T. Kantor Black Widow Toronto, Canada Instagram

Lucky 13 Tattoo

This lucky tattoo is popular to get on friday 13th although for some this number is considered bad luck especially getting it tattooed on friday 13th.

Lucky 13 Tattoo by Sebbe
Sebbe Stockholm Instagram

Lucky 13 Tattoo by Alex Kamino
Alex Kamino Tattoo Lounge Montreal, QC Instagram

Lucky 13 Tattoo by Marc Nutley
Marc Nutley Studio Ink Tattoo Parlour Westbury England Instagram

Lucky 7 Tattoo

With 7 being a significant number in many different religions, as well as in nature and literature, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular favorite numbers for many people and can also be a lucky tattoo. 

Lucky 7 Tattoo by Diego Souza
Diego Souza Diego Tattoo Studio Sao Paulo, Brazil Instagram

Lucky 7 Tattoo by Lea Vendetta
Lea Vendetta Hart and Huntington LV Instagram

Lucky 7 Tattoo by Blax Tattoo
Blax Tattoo Beijing China Instagram

Maneki-Neko Lucky Tattoo

The Maneki-Neko or fortunate cat can be seen in many Chinese and Japanese homes and stores; it brings money, good luck and fortune to its owners. The same goes for this lucky tattoo. 

lucky maneki-neko tattoo by Michela Bottin
Michela Bottin Soul Shop Tattoo Rimini Rimini, Italy Instagram

maneki-neko lucky tattoo by Agus Tan
Agus Tan Singapore Instagram

maneki-neko lucky tattoo by Biee sae-tang
Biee sae-tang Grey Street Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia Instagram

Lucky Draw Tattoos

This lucky draw tattoo gumball machine at Swansea Tattoo is full of designs for those feeling lucky. A lucky draw machine is rare so if you see one, and you’re feeling up for the risk, then be sure to get your own lucky draw tattoo. Lucky Draw Gumball Machine
Swansea Tattoo Lab Mike Thomas Tattoo

On Friday 13th many tattoo shops offer  lucky draw tattoos (usually costing $13) with the designs typically being drawn from a hat. Here are some Friday 13th tattoos you might get. 

Lucky Draw Tattoo by Shelby Martin
Shelby Martin New Orleans Tattoo Museum Louisiana Instagram

Lucky Draw Tattoo by MOISES G. PIMENTEL

Moises G. Pimentel Seattle Tattoo Emporium Seattle, Washington Instagram

Lucky Draw Tattoo by Joseph Warren
Joseph Warren Pure 13 Hornlake, MS Instagram