23 Majestic Whale Tattoos

Whales come in many different sizes, from the biggest animal on the planet, the blue whale being a huge 82ft and having a heart that grows to be the size of a grown human adult, the blue whale is truly a giant, to the smallest whale there is, the dwarf sperm whale, measuring in at 8ft.
whales also come in a number of different shapes and colors making each whale tattoo design have a very different feel from one to another but there’s a type of whale to suit everyone.

Whale Tattoo Meaning

Good Luck: for many cultures when you see a whale swimming it means good luck so having your own whale tattoo swimming would bring constant good luck wherever you go.

Peace and Tranquility: Just watching a whale swim in the ocean for a short amount of time would make it easy to see how these gentle giants have become a prominent symbol for peace and tranquility.

In Christianity, the story of Jonah who had been left for dead in the ocean but swallowed whole by a whale and given shelter and passage to safety making is a choice for some to get tattooed and symbolize a sense of safety and protection.

Whale Tattoo Body Placement

The most common area on the body to get a whale tattoo is the forearm, because of the whales long shape it fits nicely on the forearm, a lot of the time a second smaller whale is added to fill space in the tail area and to make the tattoo as a whole flow better.
Finding the perfect placement on the body for your whale tattoo depeneds completely on personal preferences and can look good on just about any body part.