Capricorn Tattoos

Capricorn tattoos are represented by the goat and various symbols. The most popular tattoo styles is the Capricorn  symbols, they almost look like the number ’70’ and the letters ‘YS’. This Capricorn tattoo is very discrete looking and simplistic while the goat portraits and Capricorn designs are quite the opposite. Capricorn goats are usually tattooed big and detailed. Women are likely to prefer Capricorn tattoo lettering and Capricorn goat symbols over detailed designs. Men seem to like detailed tattoos with a little more definition and detail.

Capricorn Tattoo Ideas

Picking and personalizing the right Capricorn tattoo is critical. Find a tattoo style you like below and begin personalizing. Having a tattoo that means more to you will be so much more rewarding. Little things like placement can play a big part in the perception of the whole tattoo as well.

capricorn-chest-tattoos  capricorn-clouds-tattoos

Capricorn Tattoos for Men

Men love the detail of tattoos so its not surprising that men’s Capricorn tattoos are highly detailed and big. Men use a vast amount of imagery in there tattoos and the symbols are more used as a reflection in their tattoo imagery. Men find different styles to convey the way they want the tattoo to be perceived. Different styles can include old school, fantasy, Japanese, sleeves and boldness.

capricorn-hand-tattoos  capricorn-leg-eyes-tattooscapricorn-japanese-tattoos   capricorn-signs-tattoos

Capricorn Tattoos for Women

Capricorn tattoos can be portrayed very elegantly with thin lines and simple detail making them perfect match for any Capricorn girl. Both the ‘VS’ and “70” symbol styled tattoos are small, compact and be concealed if need be. Having unique capricorn tattoo images is important also. So when using a Capricorn image as a tattoo, try personalize it by adding motifs, words or color.

capricorn-legside-tattoos  capricorn-leg-tattooscapricorn-sign-tattoos  capricorn-small-tattoos


Capricorn  Lettering

Capricorn symbols and images are not always used to represent Capricorn Tattoos. Lettering is a commonly used tattoo style to portray meaning and this case lettering is used to signify a persons link to the star sign Capricorn. Capricorn lettering tattoos are commonly used in a script style font but can be styled anyway you like. Position of your tattoo really depends on the style you have chosen for you tattoo. A small scripted font will suit areas like the neck, wrist, foot, upper chest, lower side abdomen and arms. Big scripted font would suit bigger areas such as the back, forearm, rib cage and chest.

capricorn-lettering-tattoos capricorn-neck-tattoos