28 of the Finest Crystal Tattoos

The range of possible crystal designs to get tattooed is immense and the choice can be daunting to some, but along with the vast amount of crystals and types of quartz also comes with history, background and meaning behind each type of crystal tattoo, making it easier to choose by picking what most relates or speaks to the wearer.

The cold, hard, and flat aesthetics of crystal goes very well alongside almost anything found in nature, popular elements to add in a crystal tattoo are flowers or plants with the stems usually tied around the crystals making it flow as one design.

There are now some tattoo artists that actually specialize in crystal tattoos, not only do their designs look stunning but what separates them from others is their vast knowledge of crystals, making them the go-to person for a crystal tattoo especially if you are wanting to incorporate some meaning or another design element in the crystal tattoo.