The Best Moth Tattoos

A moth tattoo can be a very versatile tattoo design, there are many directions to take the design, from a small simple tattoo to a bright and bold moth to show off the amazing natural patterns that are unique to the moth. while a moth design can be bright and happy, it can also be done in a very dark way, a lot of dark imagery uses moths to add something a little eerie to the design.
Common moth tattoos are done with a large variety of colors. Some popular added elements are skulls, jewelry, gems, pearls, and diamonds, these are used in a way that complements the form and patterns of the moth and when done right, results in a spectacular moth tattoo.

Moth Tattoo Meaning

Fragility from a moth being incredidbly fragile, many small things can harm and even kill moths, even change in weather can mean the end of a moths life, though it maybe fragile the strong ones still survive.

For many a moth symbolizes a psychic ability or a strong sense of spititualism.

Because of the moths tendency to be attracted to light, many view this as symbolism for faith.

A moth’s patterns make it very easy for them to hide and be concealed when not wanting to be found, making it sybolic of having a secret or hidding something from the rest of the world.

In many cultures the moths symbolism is much darker than how others may view the creature, making it also a common symbol of death.