Poison Bottle Tattoos


Poison bottle tattoos are very distinct, often labeled with a skull and crossbones and cork top, in a uniquely shaped bottle, this may seem like exaggerated imagery but this type of poison bottle is very true to the real bottles going back to the 19th century when it was important to distinguish the harmful substances from other bottles, these poisons were used as medicines, cleaners, and for pest control.

Looking up photos of antique poison bottles can be a great way to prepare for a poison tattoo, whether it’s for inspiration, ideas, or to be given to the tattoo artist for reference.

Poison Tattoo Meaning

The most common symbolism associated with poison bottle tattoos is death but it can mean many things including magic, as the origin of the word poison was potion and later magic potion, many designs incorporate magic effects.

The poison bottle tattoo design is a common Friday 13th design.

Many simply get the tattoo for its aesthetic quality, as there are countless ways to design the bottle that can suit anyone.

Click below for Wednesday Addams and her iconic drinking from a poison bottle tattoos