The Best Totoro Tattoos

Best Totoro Tattoos

The Best Totoro Tattoos

Released in 1988 My Neighbour Totoro had some of the lowest box office numbers Studio Ghibli has seen but has since become a cult hit and turned into one of their biggest successes.

The name Totoro is actually a mispronunciation from the character Mei in the movie, although this is hard to convey in the English dubbed version, the Totoro mispronunciation was meant to be the word for troll in Japanese toruru.

Totoro is among the classic Studio Ghibli movies to have both legendary director Hayao Miyazaki and score composser Joe Hisashi both working on the movie.

Totoro as a character has become one of the most iconic figures not only in anime but in Japan in gerenarl, Totoro to many is viewed as the Mickey Mouse of Japan, The figure can be seen everywhere and is hugely popular with both children and adults.

The most popular Totoro Tattoo character to get is unsurprisingly Totoro, his imagery makes for a wide variety of possible design choices.
Another popular and very unique characters to the cat-bus.

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