The Best Ponyo Tattoos

Best Ponyo Tattoos

The Best Ponyo Tattoos

The Japanese translation of the title reads Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, and shortened to Ponyo in the English dubbed version.
Ponyo was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson book, The Little Mermaid.

The name Ponyo is an onomatopoeia and is what Miyazaki used to describe the sound made what something that is composed of “squishy softness” is touched.

The imagery used in Ponyo works so well in tattoo form, because of the bright colors used like the ocean which alos contrasts well with Ponyo and her red dress, ponyo tattoos are usually done in bright bold colors and look uniqyue to any other tattoos, although these full color tattoos look great, black and grey ponyo tattoos still can look just as good and can have more of a tradional tattoo feel to it.

The most popular Ponyo tattoos are Ponyo herself, more so of her as a small baby before looking more human.

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