Leg Tattoos

Having leg tattoos covers the whole lower portion of the body from the waist including the foot, thigh and even the hip and is sometimes referring to the section below the knee to the ankle. Leg tattoos are a great place for most styles and sizes. The thigh is a good area for larger pieces which can extend up the hip and connect with the rib cage. The lower portion of the leg is very similar to the the arm in which the lower leg can accommodate very nice leg sleeves, a great place for people with arm sleeves already. The most common style or look is the leg sleeve where the entire leg is covered in tattoos or the half sleeve where only a portion of the leg is covered up.

leg-tattoos-lighthouse-sleeve  wolf-tattoo-designs-leg-girl

Leg Sleeves

Women and men both get leg sleeves for their beauty and flow. There is nothing better than a tattoo that flows with other surrounding tattoos. Sleeves can be drawn up fully as a very big pieces spanning across the leg or be pieced together by single tattoos. Portrait style sleeves are one common leg sleeve to be drawn up as a grand design. Old school style or traditional style tattoos are another common leg sleeve tattoo to be single designs initially. Then as more tattoos are tattooed get later joined up to form a leg sleeve. Girls love ankle to hip leg sleeve tattoos whether its one big portrait like a Japanese leg sleeve, artworks, flowers, henna or single designs joined up together like quotes, roses and traditional. Women are treading towards one single leg sleeve as apposed to both legs.

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Leg tattoos for Men

Men that have leg tattoos will almost always have tattoos on both legs including leg pieces, scattered tattoos, leg sleeves or half sleeves. Common leg tattoos for men include portraits, realism, geometrical, cultural, tribal and traditional or old school style tattoos. Black and gray or white work really well on the leg but so does color. Traditional tattoos with black outlines and color can give real authenticity to a traditional look.

leg-tattoos-mens-simple  leg-tattoos-mens-pines  leg-tattoos-men-traditional  leg-tattoos-calf-japaneseleg-tattoos-portrait-mens  leg-tattoos-japanese-calf  leg-tattoos-men-sunsetleg-tattoos-oldshool  leg-tattoos-eagle  leg-tattoos-black-grayleg-tattoos-mens-japanese  leg-tattoos-legs

Leg tattoos for Women

Women tend to get tattoos on the leg that are front facing or side facing and commonly on only one leg. Having only one leg tattooed creates a less busy impression and cleaner look, although having both legs tattoo is equally eye pleasing. Thigh tattoos remain the most common of the leg tattoos for women. The thigh provides a good spot for bigger tattoo pieces which can also easily be hidden. Women’s legs are commonly tattooed with flowers, henna, traditional style, quotes, words, bows, tribal, roses and portraits.

leg-tattoos-women-henna  thigh-tattoos-skull-womenleg-tattoos-women-flowers  leg-tattoos-women-blossum  leg-tattoos-tribal-maori  leg-tattoos-flowers-pinkleg-tattoos-women-sleeve-full  leg-tattoos-women-sleeve  black-and-white-tattoos-girlleg-tattoos-quote-roses  thigh-tattoos-pet-cat-girls  thigh-tattoos-lace-bowthigh-tattoos-quote-script  leg-tattoos-rose-girls  leg-tattoos-mirror-girls leg-tattoos-henna  leg-tattoos-calf-japanese-female  leg-tattoos-women-thigh-roses  wolf-tattoo-designs-leg-girl  leg-tattoos-women-big

Do Leg Tattoos Hurt?

Getting tattoos on the legs can bring some discomfort and different areas of the leg have quite different pain levels. Lets start with the best and least painful area for leg atttoos which is the calf. The calf areaonly has some minor discomfort as the bone is protected by the calf muscle.

The thigh has a medium discomfort level. All areas of the thigh including the outer, inner, back and front have the same medium pain threshold. The thighs can be for some people a low discomfort level area for tattoos and should never get to the level that it is to unbearabke to carry on.

Now the more painful areas of the tattoo are the knees, ankles and feet. The knee bone is so close to the skin without much cushioning to protect it. So the knee tattoo gets a high pain comfort level. The ankle and parts of the foot are much the same with not much protective tissue or muscle around it giving them a high pain comfort level also.

TattooInsider leg tattoo hurt meter: 6-9 (depending on the area)

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