Neck Tattoos

Once considered thuggery and anti social, neck tattoos have had a bad beginning but are know gaining popularity and becoming just another tattooed area. The term neck tattoo refers to a tattoo or tattoos on the portion of the body that separates the head from the upper torso. Neck tattoos are a great place for pieces in the style of sleeves as they provide a reasonable area and are easily seen. Back of the neck tattoos are perfect for names or smaller designs and can be more discreet than front or full neck tattoos.

neck-tattoos-roses  neck-tattoo-rose

Back of the Neck Tattoos

A perfect spot for most women and girls wanting a tattoo. The back neck provides a cool spot to show your tattoo not at first sight but at a less eye prominent visual point. It is also very easy to hide or mask for females with longer hair for commitments such as work. Popular tattoos on the back of neck include words, bows, feathers, heart, symbols, henna and names.

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Quotes and Words – Back of Neck

One of the most popular tattoos for a women’s neck are quotes, names or lettering. They are almost always centered but can be placed in any direction or alignment. Also looks really nice off centered towards the hairline following the hair from the ear. The best font style here is script of thin to medium weight. A bold font can be too heavy for some people wanting an elegant clean look.

neck-tattoos-women-cat  neck-tattoos-women-back-script  neck-tattoos-loveneck-tattoos-hairline  neck-tattoos-women-quote-wordneck-tattoos-names  neck-tattoos-imagine-quote  neck-tattoos-back-numerals

Neck Tattoos for Women

There are many different styles of women’s neck tattoos from full piece to half and to one side. Most girls neck tattoos are balanced proportionally and symmetrically. Full neck tattoos are something legendary when done right which can give the wearer their desired personal persona from renegade to spiritualist. Popular tattoos here are sleeve style, realism, tribal, traditional, flowers and quotes. Half neck tattoos provide a break from front to back or right side to left side. Back or rear half neck tattoos are the most popular. Side tattoos are a great choice to display tattoos upfront with out going all in. Words, small designs and traditional tattoos look amazing on the side.

neck-tattoos-women-grayscale  neck-tattoos-women-henna neck-tattoos-quote  neck-tattoos-women-full  neck-tattoos-women-skullneck-tattoos-women-tribal  neck-tattoos-women-side neck-tattoos-women-rose  neck-tattoos-women-full-geo  neck-tattoos-eagleneck-tattoos-women-keyhole  neck-tattoos-women-leopard  neck-tattoos-women-frontneck-tattoos-script-side  neck-tattoos-rose  neck-tattoos-women-floralneck-tattoos-women-baroque-siloette  neck-tattoos-back-women-henna  neck-tattoos-women-dark

Neck Tattoos for Men

From full pieces to small quote tattoos, men are getting plenty of tattoos of tattoos on their necks. A full neck tattoo probably will not be your first tattoo but a side neck could be. Many styles suit men’s necks from portrait, realism, color, gray scale, black and white, Japanese and traditional/old school. Popular neck tattoo designs include roses, owls, feathers, wings, flowers and birds. Men tend to get larger pieces as apposed to women who go for smaller tattoos as larger pieces express and show apart of their masculinity and beauty.

neck-tattoos-wings1  neck-tattoos-wings  neck-tattoos-rose-menneck-tattoos-owl-full  neck-tattoos-full-colorneck-tattoos-lotus  neck-tattoos-tiger  neck-tattoos-mouthneck-tattoos-oldschool-panther  neck-tattoos-rosesneck-tattoos-lettering  neck-tattoos-calligraphy   neck-tattoos-flower-colorneck-tattoos-jesus  neck-tattoos-hand-match  neck-tattoos-girl-gun neck-tattoos-front-men  neck-tattoos-eye-men  neck-tattoos-frontneck-tattoos-boxer  neck-tattoos-back-men

Do Neck Tattoos Hurt?

Neck tattoos are in the moderate range of painful tattoos, where they are not too painful but not too easy going. The front neck hurts the most while the back of the neck hurts the least. Small script tattoos on the back of your neck are going to hurt much less than a full on detailed with high shading neck design. You should be able to sit through your sitting, beginner or not.

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