Face Tattoos

The face is our mastery of sense and lets us express our emotions visually so having a face tattoo really intertwines with your identity and inner expression. Face tattoos are something of controversy for some people and again a form of expression for others. Common face tattoos include quotes, lettering, tribal or cultural and traditional style tattoos. People with face tattoos and others contemplating getting them need to really associate themselves with the tattoo or have it mean something to them and expect questions or comments.

Simple Face tattoos

Having smaller face tattoos are and can look graceful. Having small tattoos on the face can have a totally different look and meaning depending on the placement and type. A smaller tattoo on the cheek bone can give a harden look to the face. A small tear drop under the eye can represent gang affiliations and grievance.

face-tattoo-script  face-tattoo-quotecheek  face-tattoo-crownface-tattoo-quote  face-tattoo-number  face-tattoo-crossface-tattoo-small  face-tattoo-small-diamond  face-tattoo-small-knife face-tattoos-men  face-tattoo-small-cross

Face Tattoo Designs and Pieces

From intricate patterns to one off designs, face tattoos can come in many different designs and colors. Portrait face tattoos are an uncommon tattoo while henna and traditional style rule this area style of tattoo. Pieces are adopted by both men and women sometimes with a quote or word to supplement alongside them.

face-tattoo-salior  face-tattoos-head  face-tattoo-knife face-tattoo-key'  face-tattoo-anchor

Cultural and tribal tattoos

It is very fitting to have cultural tattoos on the face as cultural tattoos define and express a persons culture and represent where they are from. Many different cultures have tribal tattoos on the face both men and women. Most tattoos go back centuries when the first tattoos were emerging from the Polynesians to the Egyptians.

face-tattoo-polynesian  face-tattoo-maoriside  face-tattoo-culturalwface-tattoo-cultural  face-tattoo-maoriface-tattoo-cultural-vertical  face-tattoo-cultural-lines

Do Face Tattoos Hurt?

Depends on the area. Face tattoos can hurt at different degrees depending on the area. The forehead, chin, nose, temple, around the mouth and cheek bone are the lesser painful to get tattooed as apposed to the cheek and just under the eye lids which can be pretty painful as the tattoo artist has to stretch the skin to get the needle in deeper. Under the eyes or lower lid can be dreadful due to the needle being so close to the eye not just in pain but in anxious wait as the needle can get resonbly close to your eye.

TattooInsider tattoo hurt meter: 5


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