The Best Spirited Away Tattoos

Spirited Away Tattoos

The Best Spirited Away Tattoos

Translated to English the original Japanese title is Sen and Chihiro’s Spirited Away.
Released in 2001 Spirited Away became the most successful film in Japanese history, the English version was released by Disney in 2002. Disney brought on legendary Pixar director John Lasseter and another big name in Disney films, Kirk Wiser, together they lead a team to produce one of, if not the best English translations in animation.
Spirited Away has won many awards with the most notable being an Academy Award for best animated feature, making it the first anime to receive an Oscar.

Spirited Away Tattoos

Spirited away has a vast amount of characters and highly imaginative artwork that translates really well to tattoo designs, making it great to have so many options of possible Spirited Away tattoos to get but can also be hard to decide what to get with so many choices.
The most popular Spirited Away characters to get are no-face, Chihiro, and Haku, these are the most common but each is done with either different elements added or a different style to each other making each Spirited Away tattoo unique.

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