23 Amazing Shark Tattoos

Shark Tattoo by Polyc

Despite popular belief shark attacks are very rare and rarer still when unprovoked, but with movies like jaws being made and the fact sharks have evolved for millions of years to become the perfect killing machine, its no wonder why most people have a huge fear of sharks. There are endless options for a shark … Read more

Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur Tattoo Katie Shocrylas

The first dinosaurs we know about go back 245 million years ago in the Triassic period, this was at a time when all the earth’s land was together as a whole, a supercontinent known as Pangea. Although its extrememly hard to calculate just how many species of dinosaurs there were, some experts estimate the number … Read more

The Best Moth Tattoos

Moth Tattoo Alan Ferioli

A moth tattoo can be a very versatile tattoo design, there are many directions to take the design, from a small simple tattoo to a bright and bold moth to show off the amazing natural patterns that are unique to the moth. while a moth design can be bright and happy, it can also be … Read more

33 Top Dog Tattoos

Dog Tattoo Tara Timoon

For thousands of years, dogs have been man’s best friend, working and living by our side, dogs have been an essential part of our history and progress. With more than 300 breeds of dogs, over 73 million living in the US alone, and tattoos being more popular today than ever its easy to see why … Read more

The Best Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoo Jason James Smith

Anatomically Correct Heart Tattoos Anatomically correct heart tattoos can be done in a vast variety of designs and sizes, from large scale, full detailed pieces to the smallest minimalist designs, similar to the big differences of hearts in life from the largest heart that belongs to the blue whale at 5ft tall and the smallest … Read more

Stunning Fox Tattoos

Fox Tattoo Michelle Maddison

Popular Fox Tattoo Designs The most popular style of fox tattoo to get done is neo-traditional, there is just something about the foxes features, color, and characteristics that make them so well suited to be designed in the neo-traditional form. The next most popular type of fox tattoo to get is a small and simple … Read more

The Very Best Surreal Tattoos

Surreal Tattoo by Paweł Indulski cover

Some of the most stunning original surrealism artwork isn’t paintings hanging in a gallery or in a collectors hall, it’s in the form of ink on skin, surreal tattoos have been around for a while now but it hasn’t been until recent years that this genre of tattoos has taken off and now has some … Read more

63 Amazing Pokémon Tattoos

Team Rocket Pokemon Tattoo Simon K Bell

The phenomenon of Pokémon all started with a GameBoy game and has since gone onto a tv series, toys, card games and just about every kind of form of media, and has become the most successful media franchise ever. The most popular Pokémon tattoo to get is a Pikachu tattoo, it’s instantly recognizable and a … Read more

23 Majestic Whale Tattoos

Whale Tattoo by Tattooist Grain cover

Whales come in many different sizes, from the biggest animal on the planet, the blue whale being a huge 82ft and having a heart that grows to be the size of a grown human adult, the blue whale is truly a giant, to the smallest whale there is, the dwarf sperm whale, measuring in at … Read more