68 Best Back Tattoos

Best Back Tattoos

Back Tattoos The back is the largest area on the body that can get tattooed, they are perfect for a design in mind that you want very big or something with a lot of detail, although not all back tattoos are full pieces, as some choose to get one or more small tattoo on their back, … Read more

Best Sleeve Tattoos

Rose and Clock Black and Grey Tattoo Sleeve by Dode Pras

A sleeve tattoo starts from the shoulder and ends around the wrist, some sleeves start at the chest making more room for design possibilities. When getting a sleeve tattoo an important decision to make is whether have color or go black and grey, some tattoo sleeves have a bit of both, typically full black and … Read more

Chest Piece Tattoos

Chest Piece Tattoo by Matt Curzon

A chest piece tattoo can be perfect for an idea of a design you want big, bold and out in the open. For those who may want to keep their work private then just by wearing a t-shirt could cover up the chest piece tattoo. With chest tattoos being so close to the heart its … Read more

Best Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half Sleeve Tattoo by Rico

Half sleeve tattoos typically start from the shoulder and end at the forearm, another form of half sleeve tattoos starts at the forearm and end at the wrists. The most popular half sleeve tattoos are Japanese which often start from the chest to the forearm. A half sleeve tattoo can be great for those who … Read more

Best Head Tattoos

Lettering Head Tattoo by Zombie Joe

A head tattoo can be very out in the open and will likely leave a strong impression with people who see it, this in addition to the very painful area that gets tattooed makes it one of the most important tattoo decisions you certainly do not want to take lightly. Although very highly visible a head tattoo can … Read more