Head Tattoos

Head tattoos are the highest tattoo of the human body. The head is the top and back of the skull which supports the face and sits above the neck. Head tattoos are commonly tattooed on the side of the head above the ear and the back of the head above the neck. Tattoos on the head can easily be masked by over growing hair but generally are visible by having short or no hair.

head-tattoo-bowing-head  head-tattoo-rosescripthead-tattoo-flames  head-tattoo-henna  head-tattoo-sharkhead-tattoo-portrait  head-tattoo-paw-printhenna-head-tattoo  head-tattoo-sidehead-tattoo-patternear  head-tattoo-map  head-tattoo-pattern

Add some color head tattoos

Having color in head tattoos can make the piece pop out and come to life. Remember sometimes not all colors work with individual skin tones and skins colors. So could be noticed easily if colors are not chosen right as it will be standing out. Traditional tattoos always look good in color!

head-tattoo-floweral  head-tattoo-pacman  head-tattoo-colorhead-tattoo-roses  head-tattoo-tiger

Head Lettering Tattoos

These are pretty awesome placement tattoos for loved ones names or words. Slope or arch around the ear and they give the tattoo a little flow. Thin calligraphy type fonts work best in this area.

head-tattoo-script  head-tattoo-quotehead-tattoo-script-bird  head-tattoo-script-ear

Neck to Head Tattoos

The transition from the neck to the head provides no breaks, so body tattoos or neck tattoos can seamlessly flow upwards onto the head.


Hair Tattoo

The hair tattoo is either tattoo to mimic a close shave or exaggerate long hair like the costume designer for glee has taken too. The close shave hair tattoo is for men with bald heads, as millions of men go bald every year. The head tattoo provides a solution for the appearance of hair without implants. For baldness to receding hair lines and thin hair follicles head tattoos are the answer for many wanting a head of hair. The longer hair tattoo is not just for the bald but can be adopted by anyone with or wit out hair. Floral designs make excellent wavy like hair head tattoos!

head-hair-tattoo-men  head-hair-tattoo-bald head-hair-tattoo-after  head-hair-tattoo head-hair-tattoo-half  head-tattoo-glee-designer

Do Head Tattoos Hurt?

For most the answer is yes. The head has thin tissue between skin and bone so does not provide cushioning or any protection. Nerve endings are in close proximity so sensitivity is high. Most of the time it depends on the detail, size and shading of your design that determines how much a tattoo will hurt in these sensitive areas.

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