Ear Tattoos

There a few variations in ear tattoos from behind the ear, inner ear and on the ear. The ear is the visual portion of the organ we use for hearing and most peoples ears come in different sizes and shapes but are all the same when it comes to being tattooed. Inner ear tattoos and behind the ear tattoos are really popular among girls and women.

ear-tattoo-inner-butterfly  ear-tattoo-on-ear-traditional

Small Ear Tattoos

Mostly adopted by women small ear tattoos give a real minimal look while still representing a symbol or conveying and idea. Most common symbols are hearts, crosses, flowers, music notes, feathers and words.

ear-tattoo-behind-hearts  ear-tattoo-behind-cross  ear-tattoos-behind-heart ear-tattoo-men-stars  ear-tattoo-behind-triangleear-tattoo-behind-hearts-color  ear-tattoo-behind-music  ear-tattoos-dream  

Inner Ear Tattoos

The majority of tattoos in the inner ear will be small due to the inner ears size but will actually appear larger if the whole inner ear is covered. Tattoos here make a great addition to piercings and can be made to complement the your existing piercings.

ear-tattoo-behind-flower  ear-tattoo-skull-insider  ear-tattoo-inner-butterfly ear-tattoo-flower-inside  ear-tattoo-inside-heart  ear-tattoo-inner-pattern

Behind The Ear Tattoos

The most popular type of ear tattoos is just behind the ear so technically are not ear tattoos but are close to it. Curvy or longated designs work well flowing or following the ear or hairline contours. Words and quotes work here too. Common tattoos behind the ear include lettering, feathers, mandala, images, music notes, tribal, roses and quotes. Its also a great place to easily show off your tattoo and hide when you need to providing you have longer hair.

ear-tattoos-love  ear-tattoo-feather-behind  ear-tattoo-behind-believeear-tattoo-behind-music  ear-tattoo-behind-henna  ear-tattoos-peter-panear-tattoos-feather-behind  ear-tattoo-behind-feathers  ear-tattoo-behind-feather ear-tattoo-behind-ear  ear-tattoos-maori  ear-tattoos-hello-kittyear-tattoos-rose  ear-tattoo-behind-quote

Behind The Ear Tattoos for Men

Men get behind the ear tattoos as well as women but are harder to notice as sometimes these tattoos get lost within necks tattoo sleeves. But single behind ear tattoos have just an impact and really stand out if no other tattoos are present. The most common tattoos are stars, anchors, lettering and music notes.

ear-tattoo-behind-anchor  ear-tattoos-lips-menear-tattoos-men-behind-la  ear-tattoo-behind-anchor-men  ear-tattoos-men-behind-44  ear-tattoos-men-behind

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