Simple Tattoos

Wave Simple Tattoo by Tattooist IDA

Simple tattoos are typically done with little to no shading, making the image as minimalistic as possible while being instantly recognizable, simple tattoos are great for anyone not wanting a big space taken up or a complicated tattoo. because simple tattoos are done using minimal ink and take less time than a bigger tattoo it … Read moreSimple Tattoos

The Best Stranger Things Tattoos

Eleven Stranger Things Tattoo by Jeremy D

There have been some great Strangers Things tattoos since its release in 2016 and after season 2 the bar has risen for Stranger Things tattoos so we’ve collected the best work from dedicated fans. The most popular Stranger Things tattoo to get is Eleven and Christmas lights, with Dustin being another popular character to get tattooed. … Read moreThe Best Stranger Things Tattoos

Phoenix Tattoos

phoenix tattoo

From Greek mythology, the Phoenix would rise from the ashes of the Phoenix that came before it. A Phoenix tattoo symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and resurrection. Many people get a Phoenix to represent a second chance or a new start. A Phoenix tattoo can be done to look masculine or feminine and with many different styles, it’s easier to … Read morePhoenix Tattoos